Beautiful Limited Edition Prints to Own in 2018

For previous generations, getting their hands on Limited Edition prints would mean a trip to an art gallery or auction house, often meaning they were reserved for those wealthy or well-connected enough to own them. Today however, the Internet has orchestrated something of a revolution in the art industry, making prints, limited editions, originals and commissions far more accessible to the mass market. Similarly, the increase in accessibility has meant that a far higher number of talented artists can get their work to the public, without having to rely exclusively on gallery owners, agents and critics. 

With such a wealth of options available to anyone looking to have limited edition art on their walls, it can be tough knowing where to start. Do you opt for contemporary, pen and ink, abstract or pop-art? Do you go pay more for an established artist, or go for someone less well-known? Should you opt for investment or just buy what you like? There's a lot of potential questions, and a lot of people willing to give you their opinion (often to push a sale into your hands). In our experience however, the best place to start is simply by looking at a wide range of options, and - considering it's likely to be on your wall for some time - going for something you genuinely like, rather than just something you think will appreciate in value. So, to help you get start, here are 10 beautiful prints we think are worthy of a place on any wall in 2018: 

1. Wild Strength, Louise McNaught

Louise McNaught.png

2. Star Map, Helen Cann

Helen Cann.png

3. Doe, Dave White

Dave White.png

4. Pink Butterfly, Marion McConaghie

Marion McConaghie.png

5. Uprisings, Kozyndan


6. Ellipsis XL, Dan Hillier

Dan Hillier.png

7. The Warmest Place To Hide, Eelus


8. El Tigre, Pixel


9. Ink Nouveau Krakatoa, Inkie


10. Clockwork Bird I, James Bates

James Bates.png

Of course, there are scores of other talented artists we could have featured here, but hopefully this list will prove a useful first step in the road to owning your own limited edition art. In fact, why not take that first step right now by having a look at our exclusive list of Limited Edition prints on the Visual Arcade shop.